Optocore founder launches broadcast startup

Optocore founder Marc Brunke has announced his technology startup Broadcast Manufactur GmbH dedicated to developing its proprietary DiViNe (Digital Video Network) technology for the broadcast market.
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It’s video, and it’s broadcast, so it’s not really PSNEurope or PL+S. However, Optocore founder Marc Brunke (pictured) has announced the launch of his nascent technology start-up in Frankfurt today. Brunke has created Broadcast Manufactur GmbH (BroaMan), dedicated to developing its proprietary DiViNe (Digital Video Network) technology for the broadcast market. DiViNe is designed to provide routing and repeating, as well as transport and distribution of multiple professional SDI video signals over fibre-based infrastructures, preconfigured to customer requirement at the time of order. The system itself can be constructed from a series of modules, which use DiViNe building blocks to create a multiple channel distribution system with or without routing. The significance of this venture? DiViNe devices can also be interfaced to audio and data network systems, like Optocore, SANE (Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet), MADI and Ethernet. The new system went into production after Marc Brunke’s design team, which has provided optical fibre network solutions for the large-scale events industry in the past, was asked to fulfill a request from Studio Hamburg MCI for four independently-configured automatic routing systems for Sveriges Television (SVT) via a modern, fibre-based video stagebox concept.

“DiViNe technology presents a unique solution,” said Brunke. “We can route, distribute, and we can take multiple video and audio channels and put them down a single fibre — in fact there’s almost nothing we can’t do with this system.”www.broaman.com



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