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Optocore, Clear-Com and DiGiCo showcase fibre network at PL+S

‘Virtual’ press conferences featuring live video and audio streaming were hosted via an impressive communications network between the Optocore, DiGiCo and Clear-Com stands at Prolight + Sound.

Optocore, DiGiCo and Clear-Com demonstrated the power of their networking technology collaboration in Frankfurt with two press conferences that combined the ‘actual’ with the ‘virtual’ by implementation of audio/video streaming.

DiGiCo MD James Gordon kicked off the four-day expo on his own booth, with marketing director Dave Webster speaking remotely from the Optocore booth.

Later in the morning, Simon Browne anchored the press call on the Clear-Com stand, with MD Bob Boster beaming in from Optocore’s booth once more.

The three locations were linked via a single-mode fibre and the latest DiGiCo-Optocore integration.

Speaking at his own press conference later, Optocore founder Marc Brunke, explains: “We are now completely compatible with DiGiCo – DiGiCo consoles can now not only exchange audio with Optocore boxes, but they can also be controlled from DiGiCo.”
Visitors were able to see the remote X6R mic preamp on the Optocore booth being controlled from the console on DiGiCo’s booth.

“By adding a simple Optocore 16-channel X6R-FX interface to the DiGiCo network extra I/O connectivity can be achieved together with Ethernet and RS485/422,” adds Brunke.

“They can also use Optocore’s cost efficient DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX MADI interfaces to increase the number of MADI ports available on the console.”

Although Optocore partners with several console manufacturers, DiGiCo is the only one that is running the native 2.21 Optocore protocol. “This is the first console manufacturer to implement this protocol, so this is pretty new for us and very powerful,” says Brunke.

Clear-Com showcased its new Pro-Grid device, which is also based on Optocore technology. “Basically, they now have an audio network to offer and also an intercom network and a data network, and Optocore powers this. More people will use the Optocore technology and this is very good for us,” adds Brunke.

In addition to the network demonstration, Brunke also discussed his new AES approved ‘MADI over Cat-5’ standard. “Up to now MADI has been too expensive for low channel devices, but this is no longer the case. Also, because the new version makes MADI compatible with IEEE802.3, it can now be used in combination with other recent network standards like AES-X210 / AES-67 or older proprietary Ethernet implementations.”

Optocore marketing director Tine Helmle, comments: “This was unquestionably our most successful trade show participation ever. The network created a real buzz as a result of which we received many new enquiries as well as being able to forge closer links with our existing global reseller network.”