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Show preview: NAB 2014

Just some of the tasty gear the NAB Show will be serving up in Las Vegas this month.

The NAB’s annual showcase of all that is shiny and new in the world of broadcasting is upon us once more, and with some 1,681 exhibitors (at last count) and more conferences, speakers, pavilions and workshops than you can shake a mic at, the 2014 show looks set to be another corker.

Here, in alphabetical order, is a sneak peek at some of what said exhibitors have to offer this year:

2wcom will be introducing a number of new products and showcasing its FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ IRDs for audio contribution via satellite and IP. “These extremely versatile, multi-faceted solutions are being deployed by major broadcasters to build the next generation of robust, high-quality cost-effective radio infrastructure,” comments Werner Drews, MD of 2wcom. The company will extend its audio-over-IP offering with the new AIC, a 19-inch unit that combines IP encoder and decoder functions in one chassis, and debut a new solution for SFN FM networks which provides synchronisation for implementing FM SFN networks with existing analogue transmission infrastructure.

The Digigram team will feature a range of products it says are designed to address the requirements of all applications and budgets, highlighting a new Ravenna/AES67-enabled sound card ideal for low-latency synchronous audio-over-IP distribution over LAN; the low-cost, ultralow-latency Iqoya *Call and Iqoya *Call/LE audio-over-IP contribution codecs; the Iqoya *Link and Iqoya *Link/LE stereo audio-over-IP distribution codecs; the high-density Iqoya *Serv/Link multiple-stereo or multichannel audio-over-IP codec for professional IP audio distribution; and the latest release in the company’s Aqilim family of video encoders for professional video broadcasting and distribution over IP networks.

Digital workflow company Emotion Systems will introduce Emotion Engine, a user-friendly software engine developed to deliver CALM loudness compliance within a suite of audio solutions designed to meet file-based media demands with efficiency and accuracy. Emotion Engine can be used as a manual, fully automated or standalone solution, all integrated within an automated enterprise system. The Emotion Engine toolset includes loudness compliance, channel remapping, duplication, Dolby E and Loudness Range (LRA) monitoring.

Eyeheight will be introducing the LEGAL-8, a new addition to its range of video and audio legalisers. Developed from LEGAL-6, the LEGAL-8 incorporates extended audio capabilities, including eight loudness level control channels configured as four AES stereo pairs. The LEGAL-8 provides automatic realtime control of perceptual loudness and true peak level using multi-channel loudness and true-peak computations, coupled with industry-standard and proprietary correction algorithms.

NETIA will use NAB 2014 to showcase its Snippet range of editing tools, available within its Radio-Assist automation solution, which have been improved for iOS devices. Sharing the same look and ergonomic principles as the Snippet desktop interface, the iPhone- and iPad-compatible iSnippet now serves as an all-in-one solution that allows iOS device users to edit and index media from their mobile devices and record and export ready-to-broadcast assets from the in-studio Radio-Assist database.

NUGEN Audio will feature its complete line of solutions for loudness compliance and announce the new MultiMonitor software for loudness and true peak monitoring. Making its first NAB Show appearance, MultiMonitor offers up to 16 individual loudness and true peak meters in mono, stereo and 5.1 formats for up to 96 individual audio channels. The company’s flagship Loudness Toolkit features the VisLM visual loudness metering plug-in; ISL, the inter-sample true peak limiter; and LM-Correct, a standalone loudness tool.

“The solutions we’re bringing to the NAB Show not only demonstrate major enhancements to our core products, but also showcase new refinements and developments that further capitalise on our network approach to signal distribution and processing,” says Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications. Among the Riedel products on display will be the Studer A-Link Card for MediorNet – which enables direct integration of Riedel MediorNet real-time networks with Studer consoles and cores – and the company’s first WAN-focused solution, which attendees will see in action for the first time at NAB.

Sonifex is showcasing the Redbox RB-SD1IP silence detection unit, an upgraded version of its popular RB-SD1. The unit is a 1U rack mount device used to monitor an unattended stereo studio feed and – in the event of the signal going “quiet” after a given period – switch through an alternative stereo audio signal. The RB-SD1IP offers all of the functionality of the standard RB-SD1 with several extra capabilities: Ethernet connectivity, providing the ability to set up and control the unit via a browser based GUI; network capabilities which allow the user to finely control the silence level (-60dBu to 0dBu in 3dBu steps) and silence duration (one second to 10 minutes); and a new browser GUI, which offers a real time view of signal levels and alarm statuses and enables the user to treat the left and right channels independently.