More Studers for Swiss parliament

Three new OnAir 1500 consoles are added to the media centre of the Swiss parliament building in Berne, bringing the total number of Studer consoles up to 14.
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SRG SSR, the Swiss public radio and television broadcaster, has acquired three new Studer OnAir 1500 12-channel, six-fader consoles, purchased from Dr.W.A.Günther Distribution. Two of the three desks will be used in the TV studios in the media centre of the Swiss parliament building in Berne, where a total of 14 Studer digital consoles are installed, including nine OnAir 3000 and two OnAir 2500s. A third desk will be used for remote work. The media centre is part of SRG SSR National Services, which produce radio and television news broadcasts from Parliament, along with local news from the region of Berne, Freiburg and Wallis. Broadcast systems engineer, Werner Isch explained: “In other words, we are house broadcasters for the Swiss parliament. The federal parliament media centre records all debates in the national council and the council of states (the two houses of parliament). Recordings can be followed live when parliament is in session, while in addition to the activities of the executive and the legislature, SRG SSR provides coverage of 400 governmental press conferences annually.” The OnAir 1500 consoles operate much like the OnAir 2500 and OnAir 3000, which influenced the purchase decision. “We needed a six-fader console with a small footprint that would be easy to use for both live and pre-production. Last year we tested a prototype of the OnAir 1500—and found the quality to be excellent,” said Isch. “All the users are happy with this purchase,” he concluded. “The OnAir 1500 consoles are easy to use and offer a good price/performance ratio.”



R128 and loudness – the Swiss experience

Swiss broadcaster SRG brought in loudness control regulations during 2012 at the same time it moved to HD. Now, as it considers applying R128 to radio, the lesson appears to be full communication between broadcasters, staff, advertisers and the public.


Studer takes Vista training online

Studer’s Broadcast Academy is an interactive online course, developed in partnership with CRAS, designed for engineers to learn the operation of the company’s Vista Series digital mixing consoles.


RAI invests in four new Studer Vista 9 consoles

The new Vista 9s are the latest in a long list of Studer desks supplied by distributor Leading Technologies to Italy’s state broadcaster, which includes two Vista 7s and a Vista 5 (for radio), as well as two Vista 8s and three Vista 5s for television broadcast.