Miranda Technologies NVision 8500

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What is it?A range of hybrid embedded audio routers with integrated audio processing designed to streamline broadcast infrastructures, minimising the device count and eliminating video/audio timing issues. DetailsNVision 8500 Hybrid routers (3D/3Gbps/HD) are available in three frame sizes (8RU, 16RU and 32RU) for matrices from 144 x 144 to 1152 x 1152. They combine video routing with high-performance audio processing and routing in a single chassis, streamlining signal management and delivering “ultra-low latency” to prevent lip-sync problems. The design integrates de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding features in a single frame so that everyday signal processing tasks, like swapping program audio tracks, can be handled simply within the router frame.
 According to Miranda, the multiple racks of routing, de-embedders and embedders of a typical installation can be replaced with a single NVision 8500 router. This audio processing functionality is available across the entire NVision 8500 router range - leading to savings in rack space, cabling, power and costs. Hybrid router cards with audio processing functionality can be mixed with regular input, crosspoint, and output cards within a router frame. With Dynamic Hybrid Path-finding, the router can recognise the card types in the frame and intelligently route signals from the standard cards to the Hybrid cards for processing, thereby making the audio processing available across all inputs.
 The NVision 8500 Hybrid is said to perform audio processing in a typical production studio environment with an imperceptible delay of just one or two lines. This compares with traditional systems incorporating a router and separate embedders/de-embedders which can introduce several milliseconds of delay creating lip-sync problems. NVision 8500 routers are front loading with hot-swappable power supplies, input, output, controller and crosspoint modules, plus speed-controlled fans. They are designed to integrate with NVision 9000/915 controllers and wide range of panels for simplified signal management, even in complex facilities.




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