Lawo Nova73 HD

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What is it?A 96kHz router for medium-size and larger installations. DetailsThe Lawo Nova73 offers everything users would expect from a modern router including 96kHz operation, Dolby E compatibility, and clock-synchronized switching to video frames or internal DSP. But the Nova73 HD has been designed to be easy to use, an enormous advantage both in day-to-day operation, during installation and maintenance.The Nova73 HD has up to 8,192 inputs/outputs, available via AES3, MADI and ATM interfaces but in a compact 10U package. In terms of configuration and user friendliness, it features a hot-plug capability and online configuration that even allows users to expand and change the system during live broadcasts. In terms of security Lawo’s Dual Star technology eliminates any single point of failure.



HD OBs - trucking on a road near you

They're everywhere - at cricket grounds, football stadia, conference venues, theatres, local arts centres or just generally slogging up and down motorways - and, as Kevin Hilton reports, there looks like no stopping the growing number of high definition outside broadcast trucks. This perception is confirmed by figures in the latest edition of the HD OB Van Directory, which details 42 new vehicles across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.


Surround sound choices for Ultra HD

Satellite operator Eutelsat launched Europe's first Ultra High Definition (UHD) television channel on 8 January, broadcasting 4k, eight million pixel pictures. The company is considering 5.1, 10.2, 22.2 and object-based surround systems.


Cross-border HD Voice broadcast opportunity

In a world first telecom group Orange has connected the mobile networks of two countries using HD Voice. The higher quality link between Romania and Moldova could signal greater flexibility for broadcasters now using HD Voice for audio reporting.