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Lawo brings Caribbean to Strasbourg

The largest indoor arena in France, The Zenith de Strasbourg, recently played host to a film screening accompanied by a live orchestra.

The largest indoor arena in France, The Zenith de Strasbourg, recently played host to a screening of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of The Black Pearl.

The film was screened in front of 6,000 people, accompanied by the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra and a 24-member choir.

Strasbourg-based rental company Lagoona were appointed to supply the PA system while audio networking specialist Espace Concept supplied and managed the FOH console, microphones and networking. Alain Roy mixed and recorded the event using the Lawo mc²56 console for the first time.

The system included a 32-fader Lawo mc²56 with a 16-fader extension, connected via fibre optic cable to two Lawo DALLIS interface boxes on stage which provided 72 mic inputs and 16 monitor outputs, plus two Innovason DioMadiES MADI-to-EtherSound converters for the 60 digital microphones connected to the console via EtherSound over fibre.

Lawo’s Hervé de Caro says: “Alain is one of France’s foremost experts in digital technology and digital networking for live shows. By the time we’d finished, Alain had his SmartFad functionality for VCA allocation and control; Broadway mode for seamless switching between live sound and playback; Virtual Soundcheck for fine-tuning the mix without the musicians having to be present; a digital multitrack recorder with now 128 channels instead of 64, and all with full visualisation and control from the central touchscreen of the console.”

Roy adds: “What completely took my breath away with the mc²56 was that the console is every bit as configurable, but it takes place at a completely different level – within the operating system of the console itself – which ultimately gives you even more options and even more flexibility.”

In addition to the full philharmonic orchestra and 24-piece choir, the event featured 124 inputs including 60 digital microphones all synchronised to the film. According to Roy, the capacity of the console, and the Lawo support in configuring the console made his work possible. “The audience was treated to a real audio-visual feast – it looked good, and sounded amazing, and for my part, I can’t wait to get back behind an mc²56!”