Jungle refocuses on sound post

London post-production company the Jungle Group is refocusing on its audio roots in a restructuring programme that includes bringing all its sound suites under one roof as part of a £500,000 refurbishment.
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London post-production company the Jungle Group is refocusing on its audio roots in a restructuring programme that includes bringing all its sound suites under one roof as part of a £500,000 refurbishment. Jungle's visual effects and production divisions will continue to run as separate operations. Work has begun on removing the walls between Jungle's two offices on Wardour Street in Soho to form a single building with one entrance. Three more sound studios will be added, bringing the facility's total number of suites to ten. A cafe and bar is also being built for both clients and staff. The move was prompted when Jungle was not given a new lease on its premises in Dean Street, after the landlord decided to redevelop the site into residential property. This decision led to Jungle's management revaluating its business and resolving to move away from VFX and production work and concentrate on audio as there would not be room for both in Wardour Street. "Whilst initially a huge shock, the forced closure of our Dean Street facility provides a great opportunity to reassess Jungle's business model and the services we offer," comments Jungle's managing director, Graham Ebbs (pictured). "Jungle has always been best known for its excellence in audio post and this was a major factor in our decision to go back to our roots and focus on audio and music design as our core offering." Ebbs added that although VFX and production will "no longer be part of Jungle's portfolio", the company is to continue working closely with those teams, which will trade in their own right. Jungle itself will now focus on music and sound design for commercials, promos and broadcast. All studios in the Wardour Street facility will feature Fairlight Xynergi DAWs with EVO mixing desks and be on a full network. Studio building work is being carried out by specialist company Oakwood, with interiors designed by Guy Wilson of AKA Design. Work is due to be finished by the end of July. www.thejunglegroup.co.uk


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