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IBC2014: Salzbrenner Stagetec promotes differences between brands

"The idea is to make it clearer for the customer, and to show which products are from Salzbrenner," says CEO Stephan Salzbrenner

Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup has announced its intention to separate its three core brands – Stagetec, Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup and Delec – and “refocus [its] core branding” as it seeks to achieve “renewed international prominence” for the group as a whole.

The move follows a rise in the number of international systems integration projects undertaken by Buttenheim-based Salzbrenner, which is traditionally known as a systems integrator in germanophone Europe. Equally, the Mediagroup is intending to “clarify its product offering,” with Salzbrenner recognised as the manufacturer of the Polaris range of consoles and Inspiration stage management systems; Stagetec, based in Berlin, with the Nexus, Aurus, Crescendo and On-Air ranges; and Delec with intercom solutions.

“Although our system integration company, Salzbrenner, has been going for a long time, the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup is known as a manufacturer of products rather than for system integration,” explained Stephan Salzbrenner, one of the company’s CEOs.

“In Germany, the market for system integration has been shrinking, and Salzbrenner has been doing more business in international markets such as Asia, so we had to make the name Salzbrenner – which is already well known in German-speaking countries – just as well known internationally as a systems integrator. The idea is to make it clearer for the customer, and to show which products are from Salzbrenner.”

The company premièred four new products at IBC: the ON AIR flex IP-based broadcast mixing console; XDSP 06, a new DSP board for the NEXUS routing system; two versions of its new oratis wireless interface; and the Polaris Scala audio DSP for the Polaris Evolution mixing console. (Pictured is international product manager Bjorn Van Munster at the Stagetec stand.)