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IBC 2015: Two new RAVENNA partners

Modulation Index and 2wcom are supporting the AES67-based RAVENNA networking technology

On the eve of IBC 2015, ALC NetworX announced Modulation Index and 2wcom as new partners for its AES67-based RAVENNA networking protocol.

Streaming audio specialist Modulation Index is the developer of the Orban Opticodec-PC codec, which enables aacPlus (HE AAC) streaming for internet radio via HTTP/Shoutcast and RTSP. Its new software, StreamS Audio Encoder, uses Fraunhofer AAC to support new and legacy streaming protocols.

German company 2wcom is a global manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast products. It offers complete end-to-end DVB-S/S2 audio/IP satellite system solutions, including professional encoders, modulators and an IRD product range.

“The impact of IP is really the biggest thing now,” says 2wcom founder Werner Drews, “and it’s a trend that’s gathering speed and significance across the board for our industry. After evaluating several different audio-over-IP interoperability standards, we identified RAVENNA as being the market-leader in our field. Furthermore, we had a number of requests from our customers asking for RAVENNA compliance in our products, so it was an extremely straightforward decision to become a RAVENNA partner.”