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IBC 2015: Sennheiser unveils ‘one for all’ EK 6042 camera receiver

The EK 6042 can operate with all analogue transmitters that feature Sennheiser’s HiDyn plus or HDX companders

At IBC Sennheiser unveiled the EK 6042, a true-diversity, two-channel lot-in camera receiver that works with both analogue and digital transmitters across a bandwidth of 184MHz.

According to the German headphone/microphone company, the EK 6042 is an ideal partner for its top-of-the-range Digital 9000 series and can operate with all analogue transmitters that feature Sennheiser’s HiDyn plus or HDX companders.

“This is a true ‘one for all’ receiver,” says Tobias von Allwörden, product manager for Sennheiser Broadcast & Media. “It works with any Sennheiser series from Digital 9000, 5000 and 3000 down to 2000 and evolution wireless G3, and automatically identifies the transmitter via an IR link.”

The camera receiver chooses its own operating mode depending on the transmitter, and also selects the appropriate bandwidth and frequency in the UHF range between 470 and 654MHz. As a true diversity receiver with four separate receiver circuits the EK 6042 is extra-reliable, even in difficult RF environments.

The EK 6042 can be combined with either a 15-pin adaptor to slot directly into Sony cameras, or a 25-pin adaptor for Unislot- and SuperSlot-compatible devices.

For camcorders without an audio receiver slot, a special backpanel adaptor for the EK 6042 is available as an accessory. If the camera does not supply power to the receiver, a ‘piggyback’ power adapter can be attached to the housing and fitted with two hot-swappable BA 61 battery packs.

The receiver will be available in spring 2016.