First Studer Vista 5 M3 arrives in France

The console, supplied by Harman distributor Audiopole to audiovisual technical services provider Euro Media, is now used to host C à Vous, a live, primetime television programme about cuisine.
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France’s first Studer Vista 5 M3 has been supplied by Harman distributor Audiopole to audiovisual technical services provider, Euro Media. The console is now used to host C à Vous, a live, primetime television programme about cuisine, broadcast by France 5. Euro Media also supplied the production company with the necessary technicians. 

The daily programme is filmed in a loft of a converted industrial building, where space in the audio control room is limited, therefore Euro Media required a large-capacity console in a reasonably compact footprint. “The Vista 5 M3 is a sensible use of their budget – and it’s the first sale of this console in France,” said Audiopole director Jean-Philippe. “They particularly like the FaderGlow feature, and they are really enjoying using the integrated loudness bar graph.” The console includes TM7 touch screen loudness metering, and is used in conjunction with Studer’s VistaMix, which the company reports is perfect for multi-participant, unscripted shows such as this. In a release, Studer reports that this is because programmes of this nature would inherently suffer from both microphone spill and background noise, as active mics are successively added to the mix. Consequently, the overall sound quality deteriorates, leading to decreased intelligibility and phase distortion. Instead of needing to manually adjust all the faders each time, VistaMix automatically mimics the action of a human operator so that 'talking' mic gain can be increased quickly while reducing gain for all others – ensuring a clean and balanced mix. “In this situation VistaMix provides them with a perfect solution,” Blanchard concluded.



RAI invests in four new Studer Vista 9 consoles

The new Vista 9s are the latest in a long list of Studer desks supplied by distributor Leading Technologies to Italy’s state broadcaster, which includes two Vista 7s and a Vista 5 (for radio), as well as two Vista 8s and three Vista 5s for television broadcast.


Studer takes Vista training online

Studer’s Broadcast Academy is an interactive online course, developed in partnership with CRAS, designed for engineers to learn the operation of the company’s Vista Series digital mixing consoles.

Studer Vista integrates RTW for loudness

Console manufacturer Studer is to integrate the RTW TM7 TouchMonitor loudness meter into models in its Vista product range, writes Kevin Hilton. The deal was announced this week at the CABSAT show in Dubai (28 February).