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EU spectrum harmonisation: share your views

BEIRG has issued an urgent call to the PMSE industry to complete the European Commission’s radio spectrum use survey – which could further affect spectrum allocation – before its 15 March deadline.

The British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG) is urging everyone in the Programme Making and Special Events (PMSE) industry to share their views on the possibility of spectrum harmonisation across the EU via the European Commission’s online statement. The full statement reads: As you may be aware, the European Commission has been consulting on the possibility of spectrum harmonisation as a potential option to ensure continued access to spectrum for PMSE, in particular for wireless mics and video cameras. As part of the EC’s development of the related Impact Assessment, they are conducting an online survey of stakeholders to determine the social, economic and cultural costs and benefits that each of the different potential harmonisation options they are considering will bring. The questions ask about particular details of the products that you produce or use, your general business performance and turnover, your market share, investments, expected future projections and the like. They also ask how each policy option will affect your business in terms of sales and costs. The European Commission’s three options are: 1. Do nothing. 2. Allocate common tuning ranges for wireless microphone use across the EU. 3. Harmonise specific spectrum bands for wireless microphones and IEMs across all countries. It is essential, indeed critical for the future of PMSE equipment use in Europe, to get as big a response from the PMSE sector as possible to this survey, and so we would very much appreciate it if you could take ten minutes to share your views and provide all relevant information to the EC’s online survey. It can be found at While it is appreciated that we are all very busy, ten minutes taken now could help to safeguard our sector’s future for many years to come. Please note that the deadline for responses to be received is 15th March 2013. BEIRG is very happy to provide you with assistance with your submission should you require it, so please get in touch if you would like our support. Please do pass this survey on to any additional PMSE users or interested parties, so that the industry is as fully represented as possible. Best wishes, BEIRG Steering Committee