Digigram UAX220-Mic

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What is it?A USB-powered audio interface for broadcast and other pro-audio applications. DetailsIncorporating dual “professional grade” mic preamps, the UAX220-Mic can be used with multiple computers – for example, a laptop on the road and a desktop in the newsroom or studio. It offers two balanced analogue mono mic/line inputs capable of handling maximum input signals of +10dBu plus two balanced analogue mono line outputs. A switchable -20 dB input signal level attenuator is included together with a stereo headphone output plus 48V phantom power. The UAX220-Mic provides switchable zero-latency direct hardware monitoring of the inputs and allows input monitoring to be switched to mono mode (left channel + right channel) and recording of both inputs mixed. The interface provides A/D and D/A conversion up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution and offers support for both Mac OSX and Windows systems. The software supplied with the UAX220-Mic complies with the USB Audio specification, and (depending on operating system), is compatible with WDM DirectSound, ALSA, and CoreAudio. It’s also possible to use a third-party ASIO driver (Asio4all, Ploytec).




Mic use moves to USB

Over the past few years many traditional microphone manufacturers have started to offer USB microphones, boasting designs and features aimed at the recording and broadcast market. Mike Hillier looks at what these new microphones have to offer.