DiGiCo SD9 is cooking in the Ukraine

STB – one of Ukraine’s most popular television stations – recently invested in a DiGiCo SD9 as part of ongoing expansion at the station.
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STB, one of Ukraine’s most popular television stations, has invested in a DiGiCo SD9 digital mixing console. Launched in 1997 and broadcasting a mixture of original content and Ukrainian versions of popular Western programmes, the station is currently in an expansion phase. Ranked first in the country by audience share, STB needed a digital console that would withstand the rigours of moving around the country to regional heats of the Ukrainian version of Masterchef. “The console had to be a reliable workhorse, able to work while constantly travelling – sometimes in hostile environments. As far as we were concerned, DiGiCo has the best protection against dust and shock resistance. There was also an urgent need for a MADI interface and we wanted the possibility of using fibre optic,” said STB sound engineer Anton Fedorov. Together with Masterchef senior sound designer Andrei Petrik and engineer Alexander Pavlyukov, Anton chose the SD9 (first launched in 2010), supplied by DiGiCo’s Ukrainian distributor Real Music. “Masterchef was filmed in all parts of Ukraine – Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv, Chernivtsi, so it passed the touring test easily,” said Petrik. “It’s now being used on The Bachelor and it has worked very well. The channel ganging is very convenient and everyone who needs to get a desired mix can without any problems. I think it will work perfectly as a monitor mixer on our big live shows.” In addition to the SD9 purchase, Fedorov and his colleagues are considering buying a second DiGiCo console. “We are thinking of buying a new FOH console, most likely an SD8 with optical interface, although the configuration has not yet been determined,” he said. “DiGiCo also has the broadcast specific SD7B and SD10B and we need to further explore the capabilities of those consoles.”



DiGiCo launches SD5B for broadcast

DiGiCo has added a broadcast application specific extension to the SD5, which, according to DIGiCo MD James Gordon, means that "the broadcast market can now get all the great benefits of the SD5 in a package that’s tailored specifically to its needs”.


Three DiGiCo SD9s for Hungarian theatre

Tatabánya is one of the towns benefitting from the Hungarian government's initiative to bring its regional theatres up to date as the local theatre took delivery of three new DiGiCo SD9 consoles supplied by Budapest-based Chromasound.