DHD Series 52/XR MADI router

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What is it?A MADI router for the DHD Series 52 console. DetailsUsing MADI, the 52/XR interconnects up to 48 audio systems via fibre-optical cables. This includes DHD mixing systems, DHD Series 52 MADI Breakout Systems (52MB), as well systems of other manufacturers, via fibre-optical cables in standard AES10 format.The Router is installed centrally in the audio network and is connected in a star-layout with other audio systems in the network. This helps keep an audio network clearly laid-out and its complexity stays within certain limits. In contrast with other audio network concepts, such as non, or weakly standardized Ethernet or TCP/IP audio protocol, DHD relies on the robust, zero-latency MADI format. AES10 MADI is the only standardized, widely recognized, free of license and manufacturer independent multi-channel transferring format for digital audio worldwide. www.dhd-audio.de



BT Sport reveals new broadcast centre

BT Sport's new broadcast production centre, currently being built in east London, will feature a wide range of audio equipment for both on-air work and post-production, including Calrec consoles, Avid Pro Tools HD X and Riedel intercoms.