DHD Series 52/XR MADI router

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What is it?A MADI router for the DHD Series 52 console. DetailsUsing MADI, the 52/XR interconnects up to 48 audio systems via fibre-optical cables. This includes DHD mixing systems, DHD Series 52 MADI Breakout Systems (52MB), as well systems of other manufacturers, via fibre-optical cables in standard AES10 format.The Router is installed centrally in the audio network and is connected in a star-layout with other audio systems in the network. This helps keep an audio network clearly laid-out and its complexity stays within certain limits. In contrast with other audio network concepts, such as non, or weakly standardized Ethernet or TCP/IP audio protocol, DHD relies on the robust, zero-latency MADI format. AES10 MADI is the only standardized, widely recognized, free of license and manufacturer independent multi-channel transferring format for digital audio worldwide. www.dhd-audio.de



SSL launches MADI Dante Bridge

Solid State Logic adds its weight to the adoption of Dante and AVB as the industry standard choice for audio over IP networks with the release of the world’s first standalone broadcast specification MADI-Dante interface.