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DHD, Dan Dugan, Empirical Labs at the heart of new Radio 2 config

On the centennial of the first radio broadcast in Belgium, PSNEurope was invited on a guided tour in two new on-air studios installed within VRT’s Radio 2 regional stations

DHD has been programmed by VRT so that other microphone configurations like, for example, the talk show host being on a separate fader, are possible. The microphone signal is then channelled from the Dugan to an analogue Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X before it returns to the DHD MX 52. (Read part one of this two part feature here.)

“Dan Dugan [Sound Design]’s equipment is becoming a popular tool in radio studios […] in Flanders,” says Bart Lamberigts, project manager broadcast with Amptec. “The combination of the DDE3 and the EL8-X has become VRT[’s] standard.”

The choice for DHD as a successor for the Klotz-Vadis consoles was inspired by the user-friendliness of DHD as a distribution system, linking up the different elements via Cat-6 cables. “The big difference with the technology used 10 years ago – where the presenter’s console already acted as remote control for a central core – is that today, all physical in/outs are distributable and scalable,” continues Lamberigts.

“The system has evolved from card frames to smaller rack-mountable units. Where, in the past, a presenter position with four microphones and two headsets required six audio cables, we now bring one Cat-6 cable under the presenter’s desk and connect it – like other patches for local codecs, reverbs (like the TC M2000), monitor outputs and headphone connections. All via Cat 6 to the main core, and all using the sole structured cabling and patch-panels through the building.”

As part of the same refurbishment, Radio 2 has also renewed the station’s recording and editing booths and production studio, and based them on the same DHD platform and Dalet+ system.

Pictured (top–bottom): The new voice booth; the studio rack setup