CTV builds 4k truck with Calrec Apollo for 5.1 mixing

UK OB company announces new unit for sports coverage, featuring Ultra HD capability, surround sound and high-density acoustic treatments.
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CTV Outside Broadcasts is due to put a new 4k, 3G truck into operation towards the end of next month. OB11 is currently being systems integrated by Sony Professional, working to designs by CTV's heads of department. According to technical director Hamish Greig it will be the biggest truck in the company's fleet.

The audio area was designed by CTV's head of sound, Ian Smith, and is based round a fully loaded 64-fader Calrec Audio Apollo console (pictured). This will work with 12 internal and 4 external Hydra2 routing systems to move audio inside and outside the truck. Monitoring will be on Genelec 8050s as the front loudspeakers and 8040s for the rears.

There has been debate in the broadcast market as to what would be the best audio accompaniment to 4k, with a number of spatial formats being proposed. Greig says CTV is "sticking with 5.1 for the time being", largely because of the kind of work - predominantly sport - that it covers.

Greig adds that special attention has been given to the acoustic treatments of not just OB11's sound suite but other production areas as well.

 Technicians at work on CTV's OB11

Technicians at work on CTV's OB11

"The interior designer we used is very sound oriented," he explains, "and they've come up with something using double folded cloth on the back walls and other techniques to cut down on reflections throughout the truck."

Other equipment includes a RTS Telex 272 port Omneo intercom and DirectOut 16x16 (1024 mono x 1024 mono) MADI routing.

Greig says OB11 is due to "come out of Sony" on 13 May and will "hit the ground running" by working on coverage of international cricket from the Oval in south London on 20 and 22 May.




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