Calrec presents: The periodic table of broadcast consoles

“Broadcast audio consoles have a very specific set of requirements. We were looking for a way to outline these in a fun way, and we genuinely do like the periodic table”
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Calrec's periodic table of broadcast consoles

Yes, it is a piece of marketing. But it's a brilliant piece of interactive marketing and definitely worth sharing:

Calrec Audio has compiled 177 features of the ultimate broadcast desk into a periodic table of broadcast consoles – naturally mimicking the actual periodic table – and there's a T-shirt in it for you if you can use the abbreviations to create something clever Calrec can use.

The 'elements' of a console are set out exactly the same format as the periodic table, which includes the following regions as defined by Calrec:

*Specialisms: Very specific markets which a broadcast manufacturer like Calrec specialises in
*Innovation: Listing Calrec's world first innovations
*Broadcast Features: Specific features which all broadcast consoles should have
*Corporate: Calrec's corporate heritage, and reasons why we have been providing kit for over 50 years
*Console elements: The building blocks of a broadcast console in a broadcast infrastructure
*Control: Elements that make up an effective UI
*Networking: Elements of a broadcast network

Calrec's Periodic Table Slogan Generator allows users to create custom words and phrases about what audio means to them personally.

“We will use our favourites in all our ads, banners and other places on the web, and we will reference your name, job title and company so people will know how clever you are. And so that there is absolutely no doubt about that, we'll send everyone who we feature a Mr/MS Cl Ev Er shirt, which you can wear whenever you need to impress people. But get your skates on, we're not made of T-shirts,” says Calrec.

Since the periodic table's launch, Calrec's marketing manager Kevin Emmott has disclosed the following:

“One of the discoveries we have made is that a lot of people in our industry are incredibly puerile, and that we approve of that sort of thing.”

Emmott will neither confirm nor deny this is a direct result of submissions made by Dave Robinson.

The author of this article assures its readers it probably is.


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