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BroaMan kit connects French parliament

La Chaîne parlementaire (parliamentary channel) is a French television network responsible for broadcasting activity from the National Assembly of France (LCP) and the Senate of France.

The network is made available through TNT digital terrestrial television and was created in 1999 at the request of the National Assembly of France to broadcast twice a week on France 3.

In 2013, the production team decided to upgrade the bi-directional communication infrastructure. Audiopole were recruited to conduct a survey of the site and BroaMan/Optocore kit was recommended.

Sales engineer at Audiopole Philippe Delépine, says: “They had some remote channels and wanted connectivity between the cameras and the main control room over distance. We started discussing with them about fibre and how to carry the video signal around the four parliamentary columns that dominate the room [the main room is called La Salle des Quatre Colonnes]. However, little did he realise that this first phase would develop into a much bigger project.”

“Initially, we proposed a multiplex solution down a single fibre using two V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI— the BroaMan video platform with audio [later to become known as MUX22],” he said. “This would function as a 5-in, 1-out point-to-point system.”

BroaMan application engineer, Maciek Janiszewski, explains: “At the second stage we delivered a Route66 as the centralised router and two initial MUX22 units [a third will be supplied later]. Route66 is configured to combine five satellites – integrating the older V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI units with the new MUX22 devices. Every channel that appears on the satellite is available in Route66 and can be routed to any of the outputs. The Optocore matrix now offers La Chaîne Parlementaire complete freedom when routing audio channels.”