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BroaMan and Optocore take centre stage

BroaMan and Optocore fibre distribution devices are playing a key role at the new location of the UK's longest running soap opera.

The UK’s longest running soap opera Coronation Street, was recently relocated from Manchester’s Quay Street Studios to the 7.7 acre studio and production facility on the Trafford side of MediaCityUK. BroaMan and Optocore fibre distribution devices are playing a key role in the automation system at the new location.

The show’s technical manager, Stan Robinson (pictured below), conceived the audio, video and data transport solution. System integration specialist TSL carried out the installation, testing and commissioning of the new system. TSL deployed ten Optocore DD2FR-FX devices to transport native MADI over the fibre network.

TSL project engineer Phil Cooper, says: “The broad design was based on the previous set-up in Quay Street with the intention of streamlining, and improving wherever possible. This was carried out using a combination of contemporary technology solutions and TSL’s industry experience, along with the vision of Stan Robinson.”

Cooper continues: “We knew that the ‘automatic homing’ of the Optocore system, whereby stage boxes will find their home gallery from any live connection point, would be a valuable benefit. However, the main USP of this Optocore system is the ability to plug a stage box in anywhere and be connected automatically to the correct gallery or OB van.”

Robinson explains: “I needed a solution that was not too taxing for the operational crew – little more than plug and play. I also wanted a box that when connected by fibre and all the level signals would be there.” Production on the new Coronation Street set started in early January.

“We were given a short lead time of just one week of rehearsals at the new site, so everything had to work first time and be operationally easy to use,” concludes Robinson. “We are delighted with BroaMan and Optocore solution, which has offered us an incredibly flexible solution.”