BBC Northern Ireland Upgrades With Yamaha

A second Yamaha DM2000 added to Dub2 – the second of BBC Northern Ireland’s dubbing areas – to match facilities in Dub1.
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Broadcasting House, Belfast, features two dubbing areas - Dub1 and Dub2 - which have respectively featured Yamaha DM2000 and 02R96 digital consoles for the past five years. Recently, BBC Northern Ireland has upgraded its dubbing studios with another Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console. With the facility working on ever-more complex productions, Dub2 has now been upgraded with a DM2000 to match the facilities in Dub1, with Yamaha Studio Manager used to exchange mixes between the areas. Aylesbury-based specialist Aspen Media, which has a long track record of supplying technical systems to national and international broadcasters, supplied the new console. “Supplying a second DM2000 was the ideal solution, as the BBC staff had a lot of experience with the existing two Yamaha consoles and it means both dubbing studios can now work on mixes to the same level of complexity,” says Aspen media director Chris Collings. “It also allows for the seamless transfer of mixes between Dub1 and Dub 2, significantly increasing the facility’s overall flexibility.”


BBC starts up MCUK operations

The BBC has finalised its much discussed and anticipated move to MediaCityUK (MCUK) in Salford, with the commercial studios centre housing HD/5.1 facilities that will be used by the public broadcaster signed off and handed over at the end of July, writes Kevin Hilton.