Axon introduces audio watermarking system

Audio-video processing manufacturer Axon Digital Design and watermarking developer Civolution are to launch a new product at IBC 2011 that embeds tags in TV programme soundtracks to link broadcast channels with iPads and tablets, writes Kevin Hilton.
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Audio-video conversion and processing manufacturer Axon Digital Design and watermarking system developer Civolution are to launch a new product at IBC 2011 that embeds tags in TV programme soundtracks to link the broadcast channel with iPads and tablet devices, writes Kevin Hilton. The DAW88 encoder has up to eight audio channels for inserting watermarks into the embedded sound on video streams. The new unit is part of Axon's Synapse range of processors and interfaces and so can work with modules from the same family in one rack. Using an encoder card produced by Civolution, the DAW88 produces triggers that create interactive red button links during a TV programme. These can be associated with additional or complementary information on the show that can be received on another screen, such as an iPad or tablet computer. The same system can also be used to measure the size of viewing audiences for compiling ratings statistics. Commenting on the new product, Peter Schut, chief technology officer at Axon, says, "We are constantly striving to incorporate increased functionality within Synapse. Customers who were using our Synapse system wanted the ability to apply Civolution's watermarking technology to their content. We are happy to now provide this powerful option with the new Synapse DAW88 module." Jean-Michel Masson (pictured), senior vice president for watermarking solutions at Civolution, adds, "Our watermarking technology provides content owners and broadcasters with an array of possibilities to manage, monetize and enhance the viewing experience surrounding their assets. From audience measurement to second screen synchronization, the incorporation of Civolution’s watermarking technology products into the Synapse DAW88 provides this additional potential to our customers in a single, streamlined package."


Dolby's vision for a five screen world

The second screen was everywhere at IBC 2011, linking TV with smart phones and tablets. Among the many companies looking at this area is Dolby Laboratories, which envisions a five-screen future. Kevin Hilton looks at the approach.

Multi-screen world has place for audio

A white paper has claimed that without multi-screen connectivity broadcasters could miss out on potentially large viewing audiences, writes Kevin Hilton. The report was published by Visual Unity, whose president, Tomas Petru, says audio will be an important part of the new technology.

Pro and consumer audio collide at CES

Professional and domestic audio have been coming ever closer in recent years and this was demonstrated at the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, where Fraunhofer, Dolby and DTS announced new products and collaborations with home entertainment manufacturers, writes Kevin Hilton.


Canford - the next five years and beyond

In the run-up to IBC 2011, manufacturer and distribution company Canford's recently appointed chief executive, Leif Friestad, talks to Kevin Hilton about five year plans, new sales and marketing structures and his take on the broadcasting market.

Loudness on the agenda at Summit

Loudness has continued to be a talking point during 2011 and the year ends with a conference this Friday (16th December) to discuss the problems faced in delivering good quality, consistent sound to TV viewers, writes Kevin Hilton.