Audio visual signal processing and control systems manufacturer Axon Digital Design has incorporated loudness technology into its Synapse range of audio and video modules.
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Audio visual signal processing and control systems manufacturer Axon Digital Design has incorporated loudness technology into its Synapse range of audio and video modules. These now feature Jünger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC loudness controller and will be on display for the first time during NAB 2013. Under the deal between the two companies four new audio processing units have been added to the Synapse range, which is a modular system of 19-inch frames, hot swappable cards and a majority of passive connector panels. Jünger Audio has developed a customised DSP card that can be integrated into a standard Synapse module. The four new models provide up-mixing as well as loudness control for both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Commenting on the agreement Peter Schut, chief technology officer of Axon, said, "Jünger Audio is well known as a pioneer in audio technology and we are delighted to have developed a close partnership with the team there. Together, we have created a range of audio processing solutions which offer significantly new feature-sets and functionality. These innovative products will open new markets to Axon." Peter Pörs, managing director of Junger Audio, added, "Loudness control is a hot topic and there is increasing demand from broadcasters for an effective solution that can eliminate jumps in audio levels. More and more customers are demanding our LEVEL MAGIC process in individual hardware and software solutions because it delivers high quality audio and supports all known loudness standards including ITU, EBU and ATSC. With AXON, we have found the perfect partner to enable us to address this demand."


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