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What is it?An IP-Audio Radio broadcast console from Axia. DetailsA new IP-Audio console from Axia called Radius launched at this year’s NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Radius is a compact networked mixing desk with four stereo buses, eight faders, 16 audio I/O ports and an Ethernet switch with Gigabit. Other features include Automatic mix-minus for every fader, talkback capabilities, networking, built-in Ethernet switch with six 100Base-T and two Gigabit ports, four GPIO machine-control ports, four instant-recall Show Profile snapshots, Record Mode one-touch recording and monitor controls for an adjacent studio. Additionally, Radius has switchable VU/PPM LED bargraph meters, 100mm. conductive plastic faders, aircraft-quality switches with LED lighting, onboard NTP-capable clock, event timer, and high-resolution OLED readouts on each fader strip. Simple Networking allows up to four consoles to be daisy-chained before an external Ethernet switch is needed.



Calrec takes broadcast down AVB AVnu

Calrec Audio joining the AVnu Alliance, the industry forum promoting the AVB standard, was seen as a significant move for a dedicated broadcast manufacturer. The practical result of this will be seen during this year's NAB show with demonstrations of a new hardware interface.

The end for analogue broadcast consoles?

Sometimes the world changes without people realising - until the fact is pointed out to them. The announcement by Calrec Audio that it is discontinuing production of analogue consoles confirms what has been happening over the past five years, that digital has overcome all the technical and operational objections to become the mixing technology of choice. Kevin Hilton reports.

Third Telegenic 3D truck takes Apollo

UK outside broadcast company Telegenic is putting a third 3D, 5.1 truck on the road this summer, equipped with Sony cameras and a Calrec Audio Apollo digital console, writes Kevin Hilton. The new unit is being built for BSkyB to satisfy what it sees as the growing demand for stereoscopic broadcasting.


AES67 uptake boosted by Plug Fests

AES67 is regarded as a key element in audio networks, working with Dante, RAVENNA and other formats. As Kevin Hilton reports, the push is on to raise awareness of its capabilities, particularly in broadcasting