Audio-Technica AT8801

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 What is it?A phantom power supply for a single microphone powered by an external AC module. DetailsThe highly regulated, plug-in power module is connected to the AT8801 via a 1.8m cable. The unit is said to provide a constant 48V (+/-2V) source - even with a heavily-loaded input - relying on internal protection from a regulator IC to prevent overheating or damage if short circuiting occurs. Housed in a “rugged” steel case measuring 130mm (W) x 60mm (D) x 44mm (H) and finished in enamel, the AT8801 provides shielding from electrostatic interference and uses XLR-type input and output connectors. For optimum phantom powering, an uninterrupted line must exist between the phantom supply and the microphone with no filters or transformers.