Artemis Light chosen by ITN for C4 News

ITN is now running a new Calrec Audio Artemis Light console in the production gallery for Channel 4's main news and current affairs programme.
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The Calrec Artmeis in use at ITN

ITN is now running a new Calrec Audio Artemis Light console in the production gallery for Channel 4's main news and current affairs programme.

The 40-fader desk has been installed in the news organisation's London headquarters on Grays Inn Road as the principle audio mixer for Channel 4 News, which is broadcast for an hour from 7pm during the week, with shorter broadcasts at the weekend. The Artemis Light features Bluefin2 signal processing and is connected to a Hydra2 plug-and-play router.

This gives the desk adequate digital signal processing and the capability to scale the number of I/Os, which ITN's technical projects manager Andrew Colgan says was necessary for dealing with the growing number of incoming feeds. "Getting more DSP power was critical for us," he explains. "Before we got the Artemis Light, our lack of it prevented us from making full use of outside sources. Having so much DSP power allows us to load all of our sources and destinations into memory and recall them almost instantaneously, making day-to-day programmes a breeze. At the same time, we can easily accommodate complicated changes."

The Bluefin2 engine gives the desk 240-channel processing paths, while the Hydra2 offers 24 mic/lin inputs, 48 line inputs, 48 line outputs, 64 AES inputs, 64 AES outputs, 48 opto inputs and 48 relays. The Artemis also features eight Automixer units, which are used to handle multi-mic interviews in the C4 News studio with its glass wall looking out over the ITN building's central atrium.

Automixer is designed specifically for panel-style TV discussions where guests might talk loudly or over one another. "Before we had the Automixer feature, mixing the studio required super dexterity to equalise the sound if a guest jumped in with a comment," says Colgan. "We simply couldn’t react as quickly as we can with the Automixer assisting us."



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