AMS Neve AudioFile SC/X

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What is it?A stand-alone DAW/console in a 4U cabinet with an embedded Pentium 4 processor and dedicated hardware. DetailsThe AudioFile SC/X is a dedicated system offering 48 tracks (in the base configuration) at 24-bit/48k and capable of 48/48 crossfades at 24-bit/48k. The system allows 16-track punch-in recording across all record tracks, intelligent high-speed scrub, 48-track waveform display and AMS Neve’s “innovative, intelligent” networking technology – StarNet. AudioFile’s trim function allows dialogue to be trimmed in a completely unrestricted environment and slip/locked/fades/audio parameters can be freely adjusted without rendering and then re-adjusted with no ‘unpicking’ or ‘start again’ requirements. SC/X technology harnesses the power of the Intel Pentium 4 processor, dual-channel RAM, Sharc DSP and fast LVD SCSI to create a “superfast, high performance” editing environment. The system offers full compatibility with Pro Tools 4.0 and 5.0 files together with OMF import/export from FAT, NTFS, HFS disks (including Mac disks, with MacOpener software), WAV and AIFF file import/export. A Firewire port is included for file transfer/archiving together and there’s high-speed archiving to DVD and support for USB devices. A cue folder is included for sound effects management and the system offers onboard EQ, pitch shift and ‘Timeflex’ processing together with access to a wide range of (optional) AMS Neve plug-ins. AudioFile SC/X architecture provides up to 2TB storage capacity – and a recent upgrade increases the number of cues per drive to 16,000 with no deterioration in performance. For familiarity and ease of use, AMS Neve has opted for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system and provided full integration with its range of digital consoles for simultaneous automation and audio reconform. AudioFile SC/X incorporates a dedicated, tactile controller with built-in TFT display said to offer a degree of control and speed unobtainable with a mouse-based interface. Dual audio scrub wheels provide “direct contact with the sound” and all editing and transport functions are said to be within easy reach and easily controlled - including remote machine track arming.


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