Aaton Digital unveils new Cantar Mini digital portable sound recorder

It is a smaller version of the CantarX3
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It is a smaller version of the CantarX3

Aaton Digital will reveal its new Cantar Mini 16 track digital portable mixer-sound recorder at BSC Expo 2017 in London.

The Cantar Mini is based on the CantarX3, but has 16 tracks instead of 24, a reduced number of inputs and outputs, resulting in a considerably smaller size and a more lightweight unit – just 2.8Kg with two batteries on board – almost half the weight of the X3.

The Mini also has the tilting display and is compatible with the add-on mixer panel Cantarem2.

Jacques Delacoux, CEO of Aaton Digital and Transvideo says: “Research tells us that the Cantar Mini will be a desirable product for those professionals who already have one or two CantarX3s and want to have an additional, more lightweight recorder for particular tasks, perhaps with a boom, or to work with the recorder shoulder mounted.”

Delacoux adds the product is also aimed at young recordists, who feel they may never accord a Cantar X3 and rental companies, as well as the US and Indian markets.

Tim White, UK production sound mixer, comments: "It’s a great little recorder and it’s a great little mixer. All the qualities of my X3 – but smaller, and lighter. To have boutique preamps in such a small package puts it in a class of its own.”




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