73 Jünger loudness processors for France Televisions

Public national broadcaster invests in 22 D*AP LM4 four-channel units and 51 D*AP LM2 to comply with France’s new loudness legislation.
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France’s audio-visual authority Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) has aligned its own broadcast loudness legislation with the EBU’s Loudness Recommendation R128. As a result, French broadcasters are looking towards purchasing EBU R128-compliant loudness processing equipment in order to comply with the new law. One such broadcaster is the state-owned France Televisions, who has placed an order with Germany’s Jünger Audio for a total of 73 loudness processors – 22 D*AP LM4 four-channel units and 51 D*AP LM2 two channel units. These are being rolled out to France Television’s channel group (including France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô) and will eventually see all Paris-based channels, plus all 23 regions, having one Jünger Audio processor for its main transmission path and another for back-up. Jünger Audio’s managing director Peter Poers commented on the order: “Our EBU R128-compliant loudness processing equipment has already been installed at every major broadcast facility in Germany and Switzerland, and we are delighted that France’s public broadcaster has also chosen to endorse our technology.” The first phase of new law has already taken effect in France, with EBU R128-compliant audio required for short programmes from 1 January 2012. As of June 2012, the law will apply to live programmes, with the remaining programming required to comply by the end of the year. www.junger-audio.com


France regulates on loudness problem

Stringent regulations to deal with television loudness problems in France were implemented during December but Germany and Austria have put back the formal introduction of similar rules until September at the latest, writes Kevin Hilton.


UK Screen meets for loudness consensus

The UK broadcast and facilities markets are moving towards an agreed standard for loudness based on EBU R128. The practicalities were discussed at a meeting held in London at the end of September hosted by trade body UK Screen.


R128 and loudness – the Swiss experience

Swiss broadcaster SRG brought in loudness control regulations during 2012 at the same time it moved to HD. Now, as it considers applying R128 to radio, the lesson appears to be full communication between broadcasters, staff, advertisers and the public.