5 News switches to Sony

In preparation for the Channel 38 switchover, 5 News has invested in Sony’s digital wireless microphone solutions through specialist dealer Visual Impact Northern Ltd.
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British broadcaster 5 News has opted for Sony’s digital wireless audio solution in preparation for the Ofcom-driven Channel 38 switchover. Broadcast sales and rental provider Visual Impact Northern Ltd installed the new system for 5 News. “Sony’s dual channel digital radio microphones set a new standard, providing incredibly high quality audio, build quality, transmission range and stability of signal, all priced very competitively compared to other ‘high end’ systems on the market,” said Visual Impact Northern Ltd’s Nigel Stansbie. Markus Warlich, professional audio product specialist for Sony Europe, commented: “With broadcasters under pressure to change from Channel 69 ahead of the Channel 38 switchover later this year, Sony is delighted to be able to provide a technology solution that streamlines that transition process for customers. Together with our specialist dealers, we’ve seen a dramatic uptake in demand for Sony’s digital audio solutions, as the industry seeks a reliable, robust and high-quality digital audio system.” Sony’s digital radio microphone solutions include the portable DWR-S01D dual channel receiver, DWT-B01/E beltpack transmitter, DWT-P01 XLR plug-in transmitter and DWM-01/31/C31 hand-held transmitters, along with DWR-R02D rackmount receivers for large scale studio production or outside broadcasts.




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