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You’re gonna need a Bigger Boat…

test 23 June 2009

UK: Bigger Boat Distribution has won the exclusive distribution rights for Intimidation Touch DVS and Grado Labs’ range of headphones in the UK recording studio market. Managing director Oliver Morley (pictured), previously employed at Digital Village and KMR Audio, recently helped to form ADAM Audio’s UK office and has now set up the cunningly named Bigger Boat to cater to his existing dealer network.

Morley tells PSN-e: "Retailers love working with Bigger Boat because they know that we’re a distributor that doesn’t sell direct to the end-user; we are their partners, not their competition."

As an independently-owned company, Bigger Boat continues to add to its carefully selected distribution lines.

"Grado headphones are renowned for being some of the most natural sounding and revealing headphones around, making them ideal for mixing," says Morley. "Taking on Touch DVS was also a simple decision; it has all the features of Serato Scratch and Traktor Scratch Pro but with lower latency and at less than half the price."

For more information – or, if you like Robert Shaw in the Jaws movie, you really need a Bigger Boat – contact Oliver Morley on +44 (0)7813 760 287.



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