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Yamaha unveils intuitive _new concept_ MI

test 9 October 2007

UK: Yamaha showcased the eagerly anticipated Tenori-on _new concept musical instrument_ at events in London and Manchester recently. The subject of considerable international media attention and reportedly already enjoying strong sales, the intuitive and handheld music performance/production device is the result of a collaboration with esteemed Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai (pictured here on launch night), writes David Davies.

According to Yamaha, three months_ stocks of Tenori-on were sold within hours of the launch in early September. As a result, the company is to bring forward production and air-freight supplies into the UK over the next four months to keep pace with demand.

Yamaha UK marketing manager music production Peter Peck tells PSN-e that Tenori-on _brings an entire new way of thinking to the production and performance of electronic music. It appeals to both musicians and non-musicians alike as it_s simple to use but has creative depths. On stage, it_s so exciting to see an electronic instrument again rather than just the back of a laptop screen, and the creative power of Tenori-on is inspiring new forms of musical creativity._

New methods of media communication have also informed the development of Tenori-on. Notes Peck: _It_s the first musical instrument in current history to achieve a featured video position on the homepage of youtube, so we are extremely excited by the massive interest the market clearly has for this new and innovative instrument._

But while high demand is one thing, ensuring sufficient supplies is quite another. _Since the product is largely hand-built and hand-finished we cannot, and do not want, to turn Tenori-on into a mass market product, so incoming stock will always be tight. But we are working hard to increase supply._

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