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Yamaha launches new MOTIF XS training programme

test 14 July 2009

UK: The manufacturer has also announced the introduction of a new product range designed for use with Apple’s iPod, writes PSN-e. The new training programme will offers owners of MOTIF XS music production synthesizers the chance to learn more about their instruments from Yamaha and Steinberg specialists and demonstrators.

The sessions – which will also provide an opportunity for consumers to meet professional artists who use MOTIF XS on the road and in the studio – will address topics including voice editing, sampling, performance mode, understanding XS effects, and integration with Cubase software.

The first event will take place on August 4 at Yamaha’s HQ in Milton Keynes. The cost is _120, including an exclusive MOTIF swag bag. Places should be reserved by calling 01908 369293.

“We are delighted to create such an event for the enthusiastic and passionate MOTIF XS owner,” commented Yamaha’s Peter Peck. “We often find that customers want to share hints and tips, and this event will be the perfect platform. These instruments are so powerful that it’s a great chance for owners to really get into the inner depths.”

Meanwhile, Yamaha has also signalled its entrance into the iPod market by launching four new products comprising all-in-one entertainment systems and highly specified speaker set-ups. Developed with an emphasis on high-end sound quality and instant wireless remote control, the new series includes: the PDX-50 (pictured), a lightweight ‘dock less’ speaker system which constitutes the first product to feature ‘Air-Wired’ technology for the delivery of lossless, uncompressed data; the PDX-30, which features an iPod dock atop the unit and is said to deliver powerful, clean sound quality with the same clarity and dynamics as the PDX-50; and the TSX-120 and TSX-130 iPod clock-radio entertainment systems.

Outlining the objectives for the PDX-50, Yamaha spokesperson Ian Galloway tells PSN-e that the concept informing the product is that “this is the best way to enjoy your iPod/iPhone at home – with the highest sound quality, the most convenience, and you can keep your iPod/iPhone handy while hearing music from a powerful speaker unit in a different location.”

Full information and audio-visual demos can be accessed on the dedicated DTA website (second link below).


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