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Yamaha DXR and DXS

Nigel Lord 8 February 2012
Yamaha DXR and DXS

What is it? A range of powered speakers said to offer high-end features in a convenient and economical package.   Details DXR and DXS speakers incorporate advanced DSP to offer extra protection for each component as well as providing mixing capabilities from the rear panel. Yamaha’s FIR-X tuning technology derived from its DSR speaker line is said to deliver high-quality sound across the entire volume range for bands, small combos, solo musicians, DJs, churches, schools and other applications. The advanced design includes unique features such as a Link function and DSP-assisted EQ through which the enclosure’s frequency response can be tailored for use as floor monitors.   The Mixing/Link feature on the four DXR models takes advantage of the three-channel signal inputs which include XLR, phone and RCA jacks. The signals from these inputs are mixed inside the DXR unit. Each channel has its own level control and mic/line switch, allowing users to tweak the settings. The Link function allows stereo or dual-mono configuration using two DXRs and DSP protection circuits are included to ensure smooth functionality of the speaker, amplifier and power supply units.   And another thing… A D-XSUB feature on the DXS subwoofers provides dynamic control of the low frequency range. A Boost mode provides enhanced punch to the sound while the XTended LF mode extends low frequency response.

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