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Woszczyk named AES keynote speaker

Murray Stassen 24 April 2014
Woszczyk named AES keynote speaker

The 136th Audio Engineering Society Convention is set to take place at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center in Berlin, Germany from 26 April to 29 April 2014.

This year’s convention is set to feature a keynote address from Wieslaw Woszczyk (pictured), an internationally recognised audio researcher and educator with expertise in emerging technology trends in audio.

Woszczyk’s address will be part of the convention’s opening ceremonies, taking place Saturday, 26 April. The ceremonies will also feature comments from AES President Sean Olive; AES Executive Director Bob Moses; Convention Co-chairs Sascha Spors and Umberto Zanghieri; and Awards Chair Jan Abildgaard Pedersen.

“The world of audio is entering a period of renaissance. We are experiencing an unprecedented range of technologies serving artists, producers, and listeners of music and sound. Little remains the same for long in the face of our relentless drive for new discoveries. I would like to present my perspective on the value of human interaction, collaboration and continuing education as a way forward in the quickly transforming world,” notes Woszczyk.

“We should be wary of trying to predict the future but make our best effort to live fully in the present, observing, exploring, and building relationships. Together, we can refine the course and purpose of our industry, we can venerate the gems of the past yet remain imaginative, open and ready for a fascinating future,” adds Woszczyk.

In other AES news, DPA microphones has been announced as the sponsor for the European premiere of the Project Studio Expo (PSE), which will take place on Saturday, 26 April, and Sunday, 27 April.

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