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Wolf Alice takes Soundcraft on tour

Murray Stassen 4 June 2014
Wolf Alice takes Soundcraft on tour

Indie-rock band Wolf Alice recently bought a Soundcraft Si Performer 2 console for its tour of Scotland and England.

This 24-channel Si Performer 2 console, running the latest Si Performer V1.6 software, came equipped with a Mini Stagebox, offering an additional 32 channels as well as a Cat5 Dual MADI card for the connection.

A Si Dante card was also purchased for multi-track recording purposes, allowing the band to review its own performances between shows.

FOH and monitor engineer Andy Robinson, says: “We wanted a console with onboard reverb and effects, to eliminate a lot of the outboard gear when traveling between tour destinations.”

“The Si Performer really shines when its recallable functions allow house engineers to recall features and settings for their specific needs. In fact, this is the best console to leave other engineers with, as it only takes them five minutes to learn how to use it for mixing a live show. The design is so simple yet effective, and that is why we use Soundcraft.”

“I love how great it sounds, especially when compared to other desks. I can really hear the compressors working, and they do exactly what I want them to do. Also, the EQ’s are responsive; I can hear even the slightest 3dB adjustments, giving me more control. The entire system can be tweaked offstage with the iPad app. None of the other consoles in the market can compete at this size,” concludes Robinson.

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