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White Mark creates new London complex for audio post specialist

test 15 January 2008

UK: Acoustic and technical design company White Mark has created a new five-studio complex in London’s Soho Square for audio post specialist The Voice and Music Company. Founded 15 years ago by Kim Goody and Alan Coates, The Voice and Music Company undertakes composition, sound design and audio post-production for film and TV clients including the BBC and Novel Entertainment, writes David Davies.

Having seen the lease on its previous facility expire, The Voice and Music Company called in White Mark to transform its new space in Soho Square into a facility encompassing two 5.1 dubbing theatres, two stereo suites and a music composition studio. Pro Tools is deployed throughout, while equipment includes Dynaudio Air 20 monitors in the main dubbing theatres.

David Bell, managing director of White Mark, tells PSN-e: “Voice and Music’s new facility was an opportunity to bring together the latest thinking in surround sound control room design. This particularly allows greater visual communication between the voice-over artists and the engineer/producer/director by increasing the available window area without compromising the stability of the acoustic imaging. This is particularly important in this facility due to the large number of ensemble recording sessions with multiple artists performing together. This aspect of the design was of great importance to both Alan and Kim and occupied many hours of discussion during the design process!

“The resultant open feel afforded, particularly in Studio One, is testament both to the clear vision of the clients and White Mark’s wide experience of the design of environments for surround monitoring.”

“The move to Soho Square gave us the opportunity to expand and modernise our technical facilities,” observed Alan Coates. “We spoke to a number of studio design companies but chose White Mark on the basis of their extensive experience, particularly within Soho where they have built over 100 audio post facilities. They worked closely with our chief engineer Chris Morris, and Tom Livsey, who recently joined us from The Bridge, to create a fluid and flexible facility where projects can be easily moved from one studio to another. We welcomed their design input and their attention to detail, which have helped us create a comfortable environment for both clients and staff.”

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