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What, no encore? Telefunken mic is part of 32-hour solo performance

test 16 March 2010

POLAND: Alex Carlin has earned the new Guinness World Record for Longest Concert by a Solo Artist with the aid of a Telefunken Elektroakustik M 80 vocal mic and Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. Eclipsing the previous record of 27 hours, 3 minutes and 44 seconds, Carlin performed for 32 hours at the Pub Bourbon Street, Radomsko, Poland.

A former member of cult US punk bank Psychotic Pineapple, Carlin played a remarkable 500 songs during his record-winning show. His repertoire is said to have included the entire Beatles catalogue, although PSN-e can’t help wondering exactly how the musique concrete stylings of Revolution 9 (The White Album) were transferred to solo guitar…

"Around hour 12 things were getting difficult," admitted Carlin. "My head felt like it was exploding and I had dark thoughts about what later hours could feel like if it was already bad like that. But soon things started getting better and better. In fact, by the moment I was beating the 27-hour record I felt great, and the last five hours were quite easy. The last hour I was feeling very strong, playing Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and my song No Sleep Only Rock and Roll – high-energy stuff. I was amazed that I could still sing those kinds of vocals at the 32nd hour."

Although clearly a step beyond any previous performance, Carlin regularly plays seven-plus hour solo shows and frequently clocks up around 130 concerts per year.

Designed for stage and studio, the Telefunken M 80 incorporates a directional pick-up pattern and wide frequency response that are said to yield a microphone with "an ideal blend of functionality, isolation and a distinctively pleasing tone."


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