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Welsh sales for Sennheiser Tourguide

test 3 June 2008

UK: Sennheiser is reporting two major sales of Tourguide systems, writes David Davies. Welsh language translation companies Menter Bro Dinefwr (based in Llandeilo) and Trosol (Cardiff) both acquired their systems from Powys-based installation company Sound Induction Systems, which has now decided to expand upon its experience of selling and creating modified Sennheiser infra-red and Tourguide systems by launching its own brand, Sennsis.

A total of seven sets of Sennheiser 2020D digital Tourguides have been acquired by Menter Bro Dinefwr for use by its translation division, Dewis, in providing live simultaneous translation at public meetings and conferences in Carmarthenshire.

“They have seven boxes of headsets with transmitters,” said Sound Induction Systems’ Philip Nicholes, pictured here with Catrin Howells (Dewis), Owain Sion Gruffydd (Dewis) and Catrin Parry (Menter Bro Dinefwr). “Each box can contain 20 headsets, but they’re only putting 18 in each case. As soon as the new version of the Sennheiser headset to assist hearing-impaired people arrives, they’ll be ordering 14 headsets to fill those spaces.”

Trosol, meanwhile, already owned and used analogue Sennheiser Tourguide and infra-red systems, but opted to expand its stock of translation equipment by acquiring a 30-way Tourguide system, including a microphone, charger and 30 headsets. The purchase also includes an infra-red system with 120 headsets that Sound Induction Systems has modified to Trosol’s particular requirements, leading to the provision of a cluster of infra-red radiators on a stand with a Sennheiser radio microphone receiver on the back of it.

The experience of selling and creating modified Sennheiser infra-red and Tourguide systems has led Sound Induction Systems to launch its own brand, Sennsis.

“Anything to do with infra-red or translation equipment we’ll now be marketing as Sennsis,” said Nicholes. “We’ve become well-known in Wales for providing Sennheiser systems so from now on everything with Sennheiser radio mic, translation equipment, infra-red or Tourguides that we work with or modify or send out as a kit is going out as Sennsis.”

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