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Weller wakes up the World with Red TX

Paul Watson 1 June 2010

 Red TX broadcast the fourth leg of Paul Weller’s 2010 Royal Albert Hall stint to the world via a live webcast promoting his new album Wake Up The Nation Long-time RAH resident Paul Weller broadcast his penultimate performance live over the internet to a worldwide audience spanning the UK, USA, Australia and much of Europe with the help of Tim Summerhayes, part owner of Red TX, promoting his latest studio offering Wake Up The Nation which was released in April 2010. The Meyer Sound PA system in RAH was supplied by Redditch headquartered Canegreen, whose founder Yan Stile has been providing Weller’s PA equipment for over twenty years. Summerhayes, who has worked with Weller and his FOH engineer Ange Jones many times previously, mixed the show using a Studer Vista 8 (which he describes as ‘a beautifully built console’) from the Red TX Mobile truck. He explained that setting up to record at the legendary venue was a tried and tested process: “To prevent sonic interference on stage, Annette Guilfoyle (Weller’s monitor engineer) suggested they used XTA active splits for the tour,” says Summerhayes, “this helped a great deal, because all we had to do was patch into an output and no-one would feel a thing; it was a totally seamless interface.” The show was broadcast in stereo and simultaneously recorded onto 96 tracks using two Pyramix multi-track recorders. Summerhayes used 75 inputs in total; 66 for the musicians – which included an eight-piece string section – and nine were dedicated to individual microphones assigned to capture the audience from the venue – a technique he has mastered from working so frequently at The Royal Albert Hall over the years. “We put two steel cable slings across the whole arena and suspended nine microphones from it,” explains Summerhayes, “Three Sennheiser 416s at the front, two Sennheiser 816s at the back and at the side because they have a tighter polar pattern, and two AKG 414s mounted near the front PA infills which gets you that nice presence on the audience sound.”

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