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VSM panel connection move from Jünger Audio

David Davies 4 November 2010
VSM panel connection move from Jünger Audio

Jünger Audio has announced that the C8000 LEVEL MAGIC automated audio loudness control system can now connect to the Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) panels that are commonly used in OB vehicles and space-limited broadcast facilities.

Using the EMBER protocol, the VSM server can now talk to all units in Jünger Audio’s C8000 series. Once they have been correctly programmed, these units can be located in a machine room but controlled via the VSM panel on-board the OB vehicle, thereby saving on weight and rack-space.

Peter Pörs, managing director of Jünger Audio, commented: “Multi-device control interfaces are very useful tools in today’s broadcast world and are becoming more and more important for many operators. Being able to interface with one of the world leaders is thus of key importance for our company. Jünger Audio has understood that users look for ‘operation synergies’ and the VSM integration is our first step towards increasing development for third party control of our algorithms.”

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