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Vista 8 will provide studio’s rivals with stiff competition

test 6 January 2010

SWITZERLAND: No innuendo is intended as PSN-e reports on a system installation at the Hardstudios complex, which resides on the banks of the River T_ss. Francine Jordi and Pepe Lienhard are among the artists to have made use of Hardstudios, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The extensive Hardstudios site encompasses three control rooms and studios, as well as a minivan for mobile recordings. Following the 2005 installation of a Vista 5 in the minivan, Studio A was recently equipped with a Vista 8 console.

"It’s a pleasure working with the Vista 8, not to mention the compatibility of the mobile Vista 5 and the installed Vista 8," said sound engineers/owners Ron Kurz and Moritz Wetter. "With such a start, the future looks bright for more stars to come to the Hardstudios for their recordings, and their accompanying sound engineers will be just as enthusiastic."

The console was supplied by Studer’s Swiss distributor, Dr.W.A.G_nther AudioSystems AG.



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