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Vieta Pro thinking inside the box

test 6 February 2007

SPAIN: Vieta Pro_s So Cube system was chosen to provide sound reinforcement for a recent event in Barcelona_s Museo Picasso. The historic nature of the venue _ which is used for a variety of functions and receptions _ necessitated an innovative solution, reports David Davies.

A reception organised by the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy called for a specification suitable for reinforcing speech and acoustic music, covering a 70m long central space and side chambers. With parts of Museo Picasso’s structure dating back to the 13th century, fixing equipment to the walls was never going to be an option.

Ultimately, the PA company overseeing the event – Barcelona-based Electric So – resolved upon a specification of 16 So Cubes. Two transmitters were required for the large space, each covering a 50m range using a standard antenna. Given the acoustic nature of the music, it was decided that sub-bass components were unnecessary.

Vieta Pro’s Nacho Alberdi feels that this project highlights an important aspect of the So Cube system design. “Some people think that the Cubes are expensive, but in a situation like this you would need so many small conventional speakers to cover all the alcoves that the typical sound reinforcement proposition would have been more costly,” he says. “Plus you’d have the problem of how to fix them – you can’t fly them or mount them on the walls of a 13th century building. In Museo Picasso, not only was the So Cube system the better audio solution, it was also the cost-effective one.”

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