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Vieta Pro SO Cubes specified for UK music TV show

test 28 August 2007

UK: Transmission, a music TV programme shown by British broadcaster Channel 4 and sponsored by telecommunications company T-Mobile, made use of Vieta Pro SO cubes as it visited a number of sites around the UK recently. Locations encompassed everything from warehouses to old cinemas, while the Brighton show came from an inflatable purple tent in the shape of a cow and dubbed the Udderbelly, writes David Davies.

In all locations, the show was recorded in front of a small live audience – normally around 150 people. Having encountered difficulties in ensuring that the audience heard the interview conversations between the presenters, Steve Jones and Lauren Laverne (both wearing miniature headset mics), and the guest artists, Transmission tour sound designer Chris Beale of CBA opted to source Vieta SO Cubes from Vieta’s UK distributor, Resolution Audio International.

The wireless SO Cubes were praised by Beale for their omnidirectional operation and ease of relocation. “They’re so low profile that the director doesn’t see them intruding into shot,” he commented. “To move them around, you just pick them up and plonk them down wherever convenient – the cube might sit on a stand, or just on top of a flightcase or PA cabinet. They can be moved very quickly and production doesn’t notice them being ‘re-rigged’.”

While the specification varied from venue to venue, the Udderbelly set-up made use of 12 SO Cubes, running on UHF800 MHz. “Typically the levels are at around 80dBa for conversational monitoring, although the speakers can run at 86dBa (at 1m) if they’re at full tilt,” noted Vieta’s director of engineering, Josep Tressera, who made the trip to Brighton to observe the system in action. “Because of the clarity of the speakers, you don’t have to drive it hard and have it loud.”

Audio equipment for Transmission – which featured performers including Yoko One (pictured) – was supplied by CBA and SSE Audio Group.


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