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VideoHelper unveils a “totally new concept in library sound”

test 13 November 2007

US: Recently launched by New York City-based production music library operation VideoHelper is MODULES, billed as a “totally new concept in library sound” that fuses sound effects and sound design to produce a new musical form – narrative sound design. Discs one and two of the three-disc MODULES product were originally pioneered as experimental discs within the VideoHelper Music Library and ultimately led to the creation of the new dedicated MODULES library, writes David Davies.

Each MODULES disc contains 100-plus tracks, comprised of abstracted sound design elements. These 30-plus pieces, says VideoHelper, are composed in ‘musique concrete’ style to create a collection of mood-setting, aurally shape-shifting pieces designed to trigger a range of emotional responses. Emphasising storytelling, MODULES is intended to provide a “creative catalyst” for producers and editors, and to act as a library of editable modular hits, rises, transitions and beds that can be used interchangeably to create unique, multi-layered soundscapes.

The package also incorporates unconventional source material (for example, exploding fireworks in a grain silo and car engines captured by spy microphones) rendered unidentifiable, and then arranged and composed, with bolstered high- and low-frequency information.

“MODULES is the intersection between music and sound design,” a VideoHelper spokesperson tells PSN-e. “MODULES’ sonic worlds not only evoke a wide range of emotions, but inspire the potential visual landscape they could reside in. If music is emotional and sound design visceral, MODULES will inspire you to reverse those roles. The worlds of MODULES not only tell the story; they are the story.”

According to VideoHelper, the package has now found favour with a number of broadcasters and post-production specialists, among them Giaronomo Productions (which has used the package to produce trailers for films including The Grudge and The Bourne Ultimatum) and Australian commercial broadcast operation Seven Network.

“MODULES creates a strong mood, and I find them best-suited for my work when it comes to stuff that’s a little more unusual,” said Giaronomo editor Dave Rosenthal. “They’re great for the current trend in horror movies and science fiction, or anything that really requires less generic music and sound.”

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