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VIDEO: Ian Nelson mixes Placebo live at launch of Coda Audio AiRAY

Jon Chapple 27 August 2015
Ian Nelson, Placebo, Coda Audio AiRAY, Audiovation, Wenden

Last month PSNEurope was fortunate enough to be invited to Coda Audio distributor Audiovation’s HQ in Wenden, Germany, for the launch of Coda’s new AiRAY line array.

The AiRAY, a three-way, full-range large-format system with the flexibility of a compact one, is billed by Coda as a ‘new category in line-array systems’: Packing a maximum peak SPL of 148dB into compact 40kg boxes, it aims to reduce operating costs and increase the profitability of the sound companies using it.

In addition to the standard ‘pro-audio demo’ playlist of light jazz, world music, dodgy a capella cover versions and Phil Collins, the Wenden demos included two ‘live’ mixing sessions with Placebo’s FOH engineer, Adlib Audio senior engineer Ian Nelson. (Adlib is one of two UK Coda dealers and the exclusive dealer for ViRAY and TiRAY systems.)

Nelson, who has worked with Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal’s alt-rock act for almost two decades, worked his magic on the multis from a recent live show before handing over his DiGiCo SD10 to attendees to try their hand at mixing songs like Loud Like Love and Space Monkey.

Ahead of PSNEurope‘s full write-up of the launch in our September issue, here’s a video of Nelson taking the AiRAY system for a spin:

“As a product we are incredibly excited about [the AiRAY]; it’s very impressive,” he comments. “Having just toured with Placebo with a [Coda] LA12 system, it was interesting to run the multitrack mix we’d been using for virtual soundchecking with that through the AiRAY system. It sounded amazing.

“Eddie [Krueger, Coda Audio] ran the system at 100 per cent for 30 seconds and it was peaking at 115dB A-weighted at the FOH position!

“As an event it was extremely well organised. We go to quite a few of these events and you often end up listening to a CD for two days, so it was really good to be involved and working hands-on with the system.”

Read more in the September 2015 PSNEurope.

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