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Very ‘attracted’ to Midas’ PRO6

test 6 January 2010

WORLD: Tori Amos’ latest tour features two Midas PRO6 live audio systems running identical set-ups at FOH and monitors, reports PSN-e. The ‘Sinful Attraction’ tour is in support of tenth studio album Abnormally Attracted to Sin, and finds Amos and her sound team striving to reproduce the (analogue-based) sound created in the studio within a live setting.

As a result, the same outboard units used on the original studio recordings have been duplicated at FOH and monitors.

The PRO6 is said to provide a host of features that assist with this elaborate set-up, and FOH engineer Mark Hawley (pictured) – who is also Tori’s husband – highlights the fact that "everything can be accessed instantly on [this console]. I have the drums, bass, keyboards and piano on VCA (Variable Control Association) groups so I can mix them. Then I have four channels of Tori’s vocals, and I’ve found the PRO6 works better for this than anything else."

Meanwhile, monitor engineer Marcel Van Limbeek highlighted the PRO6’s deterministic latency capabilities. "There is some latency [in our set-up] as we’re running analogue to digital and back again, in and out of the outboard gear," said Van Limbeek. "But I love the fact [that] the PRO6 compensates for any latency issues, both inside and external to the desk, and Tori has never complained about latency."



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