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Verbatim’s journey into space

test 3 June 2008

UK: Verbatim blank media is on a mission to the International Space Station, writes David Davies. Space Shuttle Mission 1J to the ISS blasted off last week, with blank CD and DVD discs from Verbatim onboard. The selection of the Verbatim media (pictured here yesterday, seemingly on the verge of a planetary eclipse) for back-up in the event that onboard laptops require the restoration of system-critical functions follows extensive testing by Astrium GmbH.

According to Verbatim, the longevity of the media – which can reportedly store data securely for up to 100 years – played a key role in the decision as the proportions of chemical compounds and gases caused by the ageing process onboard a space craft must not exceed certain values.

“The off-gassing test, as it is known, is an essential requirement to ensure that astronauts are not placed in danger through harmful substances in their air supply. Verbatim blanks also impressed us in general use with their reliability and data security,” explained Florian Bittner from Astrium GmbH, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of aerospace company EADS.

“Astrium already knew our products as they used them in their offices and bought them from a local retailer. They bought the batch they tested off the shelf,” Torsten Leye, marketing manager optical Verbatim EUMEA, tells PSN-e. “It was only when we were approached to answer detailed questions on longevity and the chemicals used in manufacture that we realised the implications of what Astrium were doing. We provided the answers, and when testing was finished we were informed that Verbatim products had been selected. Obviously we are delighted that the products stood up to rigorous, independent testing – it speaks volumes for the quality and reliability.”

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