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VDC Trading channels rock history for catalogue cover

test 14 July 2009

UK: British artist Zacron has evoked the style of his celebrated Led Zeppelin III artwork for the cover of VDC’s 2009 catalogue, writes David Davies. Businesses in the touring, production and broadcast industries can order one of the 5,000 copies of the cover which have been printed. There is also the option to purchase one of 50 Fine Art Edition signed prints.

Despite ongoing activity as a designer, poet, journalist and broadcaster, Zacron is arguably still best-known for designing the influential and much imitated cover of Led Zeppelin’s third studio album. Released in 1970 as the group ascended to global megastar status, Led Zeppelin III showcased a more reflective, acoustically-oriented side to the band’s output and was initially the subject of mixed reviews. However, the album has subsequently been reappraised, with key tracks like ‘Immigrant Song’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Gallows Pole’ now generally regarded as high points of the band’s early career.

Now, thanks to a commission by cable specialist VDC, Zacron has been given the opportunity to reinterpret his iconic style for a new application and audience.

"Over 35 years ago Zacron unwittingly played a part in influencing my musical tastes which eventually, after many twists and turns, led to me vending cables for a living," explained Niall Holden, MD of VDC Trading. "To be able to commission Zacron to create a modern day interpretation of his world-renowned work is extremely satisfying, to say the least."

Meanwhile, focusing specifically on the contents of the catalogue, Holden tells PSN-e: "This hugely expanded catalogue gives our customers the opportunity to see how our products such as the Van Damme range have advanced and evolved to support cutting edge technologies – like HD cabling [and] super yacht marine cabling, through to high speed 10G Ethernet data cabling. Increasingly, customers demand clever cabling solutions and quality is critical, especially for HD and the digital domain."



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